Marriage is a lifelong commitment, we willingly commit ourselves into. We feel the need to get married when we feel like we have found the right person. To get married means we are ready to accept and love them for who they are. Marriage is not only the union of two individuals but also the one that binds two families together. It needs constant efforts from both the sides. Often marriages don’t work because of the lack of efforts and dedication between the partners. There are people who are successfully staying married for years without any problems. The key to a successful marriage is patience, unconditional love and sacrifice. But we could see massive increase in the numbers of divorces around us.

What are causing problems in a marriage that end up in separation and divorce? Usually lovers-turned-parents are often surprised at the change in their relationship. When we create a family we should be aware of setting the right environment to our child as a parent. It is important to create safe and sound surroundings for our kids to grow. The disputes between the couples always end up affecting the children in the family.


Divorce creates a rift inside the family by creating stress among the parents and children. It is important to solve problems in a relationship as early as possible. When we neglect the problems at the early stage, there are chances of it ruining the marriage. We should have patience to understand the cause of problems and get rid of them at the soonest. There are many chances to set your marriage right by solving the issues between you and your partner. But if you ever feel that things are going out of your control, you should get help from the right person.

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